Top 7 Bathroom Renovating Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

What we don’t want is to spend a truckload of time, money and inconvenience on our dream bathroom and find out a few months down the track that it’s not living up to its promises.

Here are the top 10 bathroom renovating mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Overspending

This is very easy to do in a wet area. What starts out as a minor makeover can very quickly morph into money pit material? To avoid overcapitalising keep the total cost of the renovation below 1.5% of the value of the property.

Tips to minimise renovation costs :

  • Design for standard fixtures and fittings to avoid the expense of custom making.
  • Purchase all your tiles; tap ware, sanitary ware, cabinets and accessories before you start. Watch sales and auctions for good buys.
  • Take photos of the existing fixtures and fittings in situ so that you can advertise on eBay or Gumtree to sell or give away and at the very least reduce the rubbish removal fees.
  • If you are able to maintain the configuration of the bathroom, you can usually save on plumbing and the time and expense of council approval process.

2. DIY waterproofing

One of the most common issues in a bathroom is a leaking shower and it is an expensive item to fix. Best to do it right the first time by engaging a certified-waterproofing tradesman and ensure that you are provided with a waterproofing certificate and warranty. If you sell your home following the bathroom renovation you will be required to produce the waterproofing certificate.

Waterproofing tip: Once the waterproofing is complete, keep an eye on the follow-up trades, particularly the tiler. A small nick in the waterproof membrane with the tillers trowel or a broken tile will compromise its integrity and may result in a leak.

3. Poor Ventilation

The definition of horror is finding tiny black specks of mould marching up your newly painted walls and ceilings. This is generally caused by poor ventilation. Even if you have good openable windows, you will still need an exhaust fan or IXL-tastic to extract the steam.

Tip: Paint the walls with oil based or mould-resistant bathroom paint to lessen the risk of mould taking hold. (Tweet this!)

4. Trying Too Squeeze Too Much In

Avoid overcrowding the bathroom. If you have a separate toilet close by, don’t install one in the bathroom. Maximise space as much as possible to make the room less cluttered and more comfortable. If the room is too small for a bath and a shower, the shower over the bath is preferable to cramping the room. Wall hung cabinetry and an in-wall toilet cistern will help preserve floor space.

Tip: Sometimes simply changing the side the bathroom door swings from can improve the use of space.

 5. Poor Task Lighting

Many of bathroom activities require good lighting. Shaving, waxing applying makeup and hair styling are difficult to do well in general ambient light. Including some well-designed task lighting is a must.

In short, install a large mirror over the basin or vanity along with some lighting that directs back onto the face. There are many sleek lighting options available rather than the dated Hollywood style makeup lights.

6. Removing The Bath

Taking the bath out of a home will affect the resale. It doesn’t matter which bathroom it is located in, just as long as there is one.

If there is already a bath in the home, a second will not add value.

7. Poor Drainage

Every wet area floor requires a “fall”. The floor must gently slope towards the floor waste to allow water to drain away efficiently. Large format floor tiles make this difficult particularly in a small bathroom.

The tiler sets the level of fall by laying a sand and cement screed (topping) that grades toward the waste. The tiles are then laid overtop. If the area is small and the tiles are large, they will be difficult to manipulate over the slope and require a lot cuts. The maximum workable floor tile size is 300 X 300mm. If you have your heart really set on large format tiles then consider a linear floor waste.

Resource: Ace Bathrooms Orlando

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